September 30, 2015

Spherik Accelerator: What, Why, and Who?

It is hard to believe I have been at Spherik for over a year now—the time flies!  And what a year it has been—intense, productive, and rewarding.  I’m very proud of our first program, which hosted many great teams that are still working hard to gain customers and grow.  Our first program was focused on providing broad entrepreneurial skills to these great teams, along with networking opportunities, market and investor connections, mentorship, and help creating innovative products that address a real need.  Driven by our great mentors, supporters, and teams, the program was a success. Over the past months we have been busy continuing to work with our teams, as well as to bring more resources to the program and adapt it to the ever-evolving needs and capabilities of the start-up ecosystem in Romania.  Spherik is dedicated to continually innovating and growing its program.  We have some exciting changes for our next program, made possible by more resources and support from our great community and the growing capacity of Romanian start-ups.  You can read more about the program in more depth here: In a nutshell, the new Spherik program is more product-focused.  In the past year, some solid resources have been developed to help aspiring entrepreneurs gain broad business skills–I am proud Spherik was able to lead the way in this.  This means we can put more focus on to helping teams build solid products, find product-market fit, gain customers, and refine business models.  Some key highlights: Product BootCamp: an intense 2 week program that we start off with to help the teams refine their product idea and make a build plan.  It ends with a hackathon and a pitchathon in the mountains. Coaches: This year each team will have an individual coaching mentor that will follow their progress […]