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Spherik Accelerator offers entrepreneurial teams access to the right tools, education and mentoring in order for them to generate competitive businesses for the global market.

We aim to create an ecosystem of value generation by pooling together major stakeholders, from universities to private companies and local administration.

The Spherik approach maximizes the probability of a startup’s success by providing the resources needed for the product, the market and the capital to harmoniously blend. We boost the companies’ access to know how by providing education, mentorship and ambassadorship. Our approach includes post-acceleration support in order to refine the business past the acceleration phase, providing tools for 3 key areas:


  • Product

We assist startups in developing customer validation and then to commercial readiness. We work with startups through the customer development process, providing much-needed guidance and access to invaluable sources of feedback – actual customers

  • Market

Launching a company and a product is a process that spans over a period of time with the objective of building awareness and momentum to drive sales while identifying the key market for each specific project. The Spherik approach helps startups build targeted go-to-market strategies that establish sustainable market traction which can be replicated in additional markets

  • Capital

We know that capital is much needed for a company to create, grow and perform. We also believe that there is a “right time” for each stage of raising financing and want to use our member’s expertise to give each accelerated program the necessary information in order to attain the needed capital requirements, when they are needed.


And just more thing: Spherik Accelerator offers lifetime support and creates a multicultural ecosystem as well as a healthy business environment.


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