From an Outsider’s Perspective

Hi! I’m Florina, but friends call me Flo. I’m the newest member in the Spherik Accelerator team, and let me tell you how it was so far.

For you to make an idea about the situation, I’m studying Human Resources and Psychology. Not much of a tech background you might think. In fact, what I do have is the motivation to work with people, the fascination for developing organizations (and teams) and the passion for communication, including Social Media. So, with this weird mixture of interests and a stirring background I was assigned to be the Program Assistant for Innovation Labs 2015.

One of my first responsibilities was to be part of the InnovationLabs Hackathon 2015 as Press Responsible. Man, wasn’t I excited about that! I was so curious how the event looks like from different perspectives.
The organizers were expecting to see interesting ideas and well prepared teams. (And they did!)
The mentors were pleasantly surprised about the number of ideas and their complexity and maturity.
The participants were so diverse: from men to women, from first-time hackathon participants to more versed participants, from people who came with their idea to people who came in search of an idea.

And then there was me. And I was awed by the enthusiasm and the energy that was present there.


Twenty four hours later, 7 ideas were selected in total and 6 of them became the Cluj Innovation Labs Program, working with the great Spherik mentors.
I’ve been working with them since then and what an adventure that was… and still is!11071683_616941521783751_995816332570252217_n

We just had the Boost Day few days ago and I had a reality-check. I remembered each one of the teams back then and I was watching them now. Seeing their progress was inspiring!

I guess the distance from idea to product isn’t so far if you work hard in the right environment and you smartly use the available resources.


Right now we continue to work and develop as we prepare for the big thing – DemoDay. We are eager to present these teams at this exciting event, where you will meet 13 start-ups and learn more about the future of entrepreneurship in Romania. You can also sign up here for an invite:

P.S. More about the teams soon.

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