Graphic Design Volunteer @Spherik Accelerator

If you like the Spherik Accelerator identity, you now have the opportunity to work on developing its visual manifestations. We’re scouting for a talented Graphic Design Volunteer to help us with the visual side of Spherik communication strategy and branding.

Skills and role

We are seeking someone with diverse skills and experience, including graphic design, web design, photographic skills etc. The Spherik website is scheduled for improvements, so WordPress knowledge is an important asset.


We are a tight-knit, enthusiastic team that loves our community—we are seeking the same in a volunteer. We value openness, honesty and integrity. Spherik is a place where we encourage asking questions and admitting when there’s something you don’t know.



The role will require 5-10 hours per week, flexibly. The work can be done remotely, but some things will be needing your presence at the Spherik headquarters. We are looking for a long-term collaboration and, we promise, good things will come out of it.

If you are interested, please apply by sending the below to:

  •                        ✔ Your resume/CV
  •                        ✔ Portfolio or work sample

Answers to the following questions:

  1.                      ✔ Why do you want to volunteer with Spherik?
  2.                      ✔ What excites you about this role?
  3.                     ✔ Please inventory your graphic design/web skills and familiarity with relevant software by –beginner, -mid-level, or –high level.
  4.                     ✔ Please list any other skills which might be helpful or are unique, such as photography, video production/editing, illustration etc.

The following questions are only optional:

  • ✎ If you could invent anything that would make working at Spherik Accelerator easier/more fun/ more efficient etc., what would it be and why?
  • ✎ A part of the team working here at Spherik is still in the process of discovering Romania. What should you recommend experiencing in Romania as a total must?
  • ✎ What is the strangest request you received as a web designer/the strangest request you’ve heard about?
  • ✎ Share with us your favourite example of digital design—it ca be art, logos, website, anything you like.

Any recommendations and suggestions are highly appreciated!

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