ITCamp conference. Two weeks left.

The month of May is crowded with all sorts of happenings and Cluj looks particularly promising with its IT events rolling this month. After a series of hackathons that stirred up programmers of all sorts, Cluj is hosting ITCamp, a conference focused on Microsoft technologies. We talked to Florin Flestea, involved in organizing the previous editions to catch the vibe of ITCamp.

Spherik Accelerator: The first edition of ITCamp took place 4 years ago. What happened ever since, how is the conference different today?
Florin Flestea: Since the first edition of ITCamp, the major change was in the topics and number of participants. If four years ago there were only 2 tracks (IT and Dev), the 2014 edition hosts now 4 tracks. The number of participants also grew from around 200 to 400. Also, the quality of the presentations increased, I have seen an ongoing concern to bring better speakers and presentations.

Spherik: What are ITCamp 2014 main highlights for you?
Florin: The main highlights for me are the presentations regarding better ways to develop code and the ones involving soft skills.

Spherik:  Can you describe a .NET community member? What are his/her professional skills and human habits (hours of sleep, favourite gadgets, hang out places and other profane details)?
Florin: In my view, a .NET community member is a person with, predominant tech skills, trying to improve himself. The human habits are different from person to person. Each having its own way of evolving, of learning. A .NET community member gets involved in discussions, trying to share his knowledge and to learn more from other by self-learning and by going to .NET community meetings or conferences.

Spherik: What do you think the Cluj IT ecosystem is missing to turn into a true flagship of innovation and technology?
Florin: I think the major thing that it needs is time. No ecosystem can be created as intended overnight. In my opinion, the main actions have been already taken or are under way, but it needs time to grow, to stabilize and, more important, to influence others. Maybe there are some things still missing, as it is a new ecosystem, and probably for most, a new way of seeing things and a new way to do their work. It just takes time to put everything in place and to see what is missing or what should be changed in order to evolve.

So if you’re in the hardcore coding business, check out the ITCamp agenda with over 30 speakers, 40+ hours of content and open panels, and 4 pre-conference workshops. The action begins on the 21st of May (workshops) followed by two days of conference, on the 22-23rd of May.

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