Join the #StartupMoment photo parade

Besides the actual programs designed for elevating tech startups, an accelerator’s role, as part of an effervescent environment, is diversifying the tools of interaction and creative expression.

#StartupMoment is such an initiative, of celebrating startup life, by showing how entrepreneurship evolves on a daily basis: from the early morning coffee, hardcore coding, brainstorming and team meetings, to the after-work beer or late evenings spent at work.

For two weeks, startups in Cluj will capture moments that depict their way of working, in an attempt of disclosing the good and the bad of startup life and inspire others to join. Next week, three startups are going to share some of their time with the rest of the world:

Halcyon Mobile is a design awarded company delivering mobile apps since 2005, that has launched its first own product this summer (Dollarbird). They recently relocated in Liberty Technology Park, which made the 26 team members our neighbors. We’re curios to see how they fixed their new office and interested in how the life of a mature tech company, that partially functions as a startup, is rolling out. They will be posting via Instagram,  Facebook and Twitter. is an online real estate platform. Its founders met in 2013 at a Startup Weekend event and are now located in both Cluj and Bucharest. We are about to see how a startup team manages to work across 400 km, with high broadband speed lighting the way from Cluj Hub, where development takes place, to Tech Hub – the marketing, sales and operations office. Be sure to explore their pictures on the Rently blogFacebook and Twitter.

Launched in 2012, Moqups is a wireframes /mockups / UI concepts /prototypes (depending on how you like to call them) online tool. The team has a technical background, so we’re expecting nerdy captions from the developers. Heads up for Adi, Cornel, Flavius, Sergiu, Dan, Emil and Krisztina for joining up #StartupMoment! Do follow Moqups on Instagram and Facebook.

The program will continue with other three playful startups we will announce next week. To deliver this in the most creative photographic way, Nokia is backing the project with its Lumia phones, equipped with high quality cameras. Photos will be posted daily on Instagram, look up for #StartupMoment and #PhotoRomania hashtags.

The best images are going to be part of an exposition during Technology Day, part of Photo Romania Festival on May 22nd. at Liberty Technology Park.

We encourage everyone to catch a pic of a #StartupMoment and share it with the rest of the world.

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