Meet the team running Spherik Accelerator

We’re on the run with setting the last details of the Spherik Accelerator Program in place. Before any updates on that, it’s also important for you — entrepreneur, founder, startup mentor, angel investor, journalist, tech stakeholder — to know who runs it. The Spherik team has grown to be a multi-cultural one, united by vision, and handling all operations in a small effective, with support coming from our board of advisors and founding members. Without further delay, here’s a brief introduction of the Spherik staff.

Spherik’s new Managing Director is Jennifer Austin — in charge of setting up the Spherik Accelerator Program in Cluj. She has an MBA from UCLA Anderson with a focus in Business Strategy. Jen recently moved from Los Angeles, but already calls Cluj her home. Jen has a broad experience with startups and consulting in USA, Europe, and Asia, and is now designing a rock-solid entrepreneurial program for the Romanian ones as well.

Keeping track of everything is our new Operations Coordinator Ana-Maria Bujor (Mara). Mara has a Master’s Degree in Conflict Management and experience in training —  soft skills trainings, team-building, and train-the-trainers workshops all over Europe. Mara knows all there is to know concerning Spherik startups, program status and progress.

Coordinating Spherik’s marketing and communications activities is Sabina Ionescu. Experienced in working with entrepreneurs, Sabina is passionate about tech products and disruptive ways of pursuing digital markets. Recently moved to Cluj, she believes it to be the perfect city for young creative minds.

Working from Hannover, Germany, Catalina Amihaiesi continues to be a main contributor to the accelerator program. Catalina has a BA in Psychology and a Masters in Public Administration. She co-founded Crestem Idei the first crowdfunding platform in Romania. Currently she is undertaking a study on the psychology of money and storytelling in fundraising. (Spoiler alert) Alternative sources of funding, including crowdfunding, are an important element for the startups in the Spherik Accelerator Program.

We’re very excited about the coming months and hope we’ll get to meet many of you soon.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.’ – Margaret Mead

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