Make your 3D printing more fun! Printivate is a SaaS solution, that offers a wide variety of 3D model optimizations. In 2016 we celebrated Printivate for being our first exit, by joining 3D Hubs, the leading online 3D printing service provider. As part of 3D Hubs, Printivate will automate 3D model analysis and processing, allowing professionals to have higher quality prints at lower costs.




Visitor Analytics

The friendliest way to view your website statistics!

We live in a world full of websites and blogs. Some of them are for and by techies, but most of them are not. Understanding website traffic using Google Analytics seems too complex for non-technical people, so we decided to step in and make a change. Our mission is to provide easy to understand web analytics and a friendly user experience for people that are not so tech-savy. We are doing this by building stunning stats dashboards with just a couple of drag&drops and no code changes.






The tool brings automation into the process of planning, reviewing and approving social media campaigns. It helps you preview Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin posts exactly how they will appear on social media, thus simplifying your feedback process by having team members and clients discuss posts right where they are created. Planable is the fastest way for marketing teams to collaborate on social media content, to eliminate those endless email threads and never loose track of important feedback.



   City 365

Here’s an app you make your life more adventurous. City 365 provides you all the information you need to find the best offers in town, to have an awesome nightlife and to share your experiences with all your friends. If you’re looking for a night out in Cluj-Napoca and want to experience the best places this incredible city offers, just install this app on your phone and you’re set to go and have the day of your lifetime, by also getting the best offers in town. It is also a very helpful tool for bars and restaurants, helping them sell their products or reducing the stock




HalftonePro is a graphic design tool that makes creating patterns in an easy and enjoyable process. The halftone app generates a large variety of vector patterns that goes beyond the standard halftone technique and saves them in formats that can be imported into any graphic software, like Photoshop, Illustrator, GIMP or Inkscape.





A start-up meant to increase the efficiency while starting up your own business. With the help of this program you can have all the papers needed for your company done in under 5 minutes. Over 600 companies have used until today this app and over 6000 documents were generated and completed, all with the help of Approd. Be part of the Approd community and be a smart entrepreneur!



Tiny Shroomz

We all know that “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. This is why Tiny Shroomz was created – to allow people to have fun, even if they only have a few minutes to spare on the bus.

It’s hard to make yourself known in the highly competitive world of mobile games, but Tiny Shroomz has what it takes – an experienced founder, great storyline, memorable characters and amazing artwork. Also, tiny mushrooms and snail protagonists. Curios already?

Well, to start with the beginning, Tiny Shroomz is a game with … mushrooms. Why? The founder, Mihaita Babici, explains: “Call me a hippie if you want for choosing mushrooms as a theme. However, I guess that it must be at least to some extent, the fault of Mario game series for choosing this theme.”  With more than 5 years experience in software development and having released 4 game titles before, with 10,000+ downloads.




We all know those little temptations that make us reach for our wallet. Surely, there are none among us who haven’t felt the dull ache of buyers remorse, or the harsh sting of not having enough money left at the end of the month.

Lucky for us, ChallengeXP is here to help us save money for the things that matter—and avoid spending it on things that don’t.  Created by the two experienced founders, Vlad Balan and Adi Pop, the app is a solution based on gamification and social networking combined with financial retrospective and planning tools, making money management fun and easy even for those typically averse by numbers and planning.




Apunto addresses companies whose business models rely on a timed, daily, schedule. Missed appointments cost the National Health Service in UK 160 million pounds every year. When there’s a loss, there’s a problem, and when there is a problem, there are people that can solve it. Apunto team is looking for a safety measure, a way for businesses to secure their meetings with clients.

The solution is being built by two talented techies – the unseen hacker and the streetwise businessman. Ionut Colceriu and Sebi Kovacs have been lifelong friends and recent partners in their own software development venture.



Primul Medic

Primul Medic (The First Doctor) is a mobile app that connects people to physicians and enables them to ask for recommendations and medical advice. The doctor, at the other end, has a short period to respond, requesting more details, or sending the related medical advice (including if urgent treatment is needed at a facility).

This exciting new approach to healthcare access is being developed by three technical co-founders in Cluj—Paul Tirban, Alexandru Iovan and Ionut Cazan. The team is strong in computer science, with Paul pursuing his PhD at Babes Bolyai University, Alex being a National Olympics winner, and Ionut a skilled iOS developer. Alex and Paul go back a long way—they met in high school and have worked on several projects since, including Imagine Cup and Cluj City Apps Hackathon. Paul recently traded his full time job to pursue entrepreneurship full-time while Alex and Ionut are currently employed and still doing their Masters.




Fotocolaj is a project that started like a hobby and steadily turned into a startup business. The idea behind the project is enabling people to create personal, meaningful presents for their family or friends. And how can you achieve this in our techie society? By the use of photography. Young people take photos all the time. With their food, with their cats, with friends’ cats, with their Macs (weird, no?), at any type of event (even at the movies). So much content produced only to be sent out via WhatsApp, or posted on Facebook.

Fotocolaj set out to capitalize on the pictures we’re taking all the time and turn them into objects with a high personal value. They’ve built an online app that lets you customize printed objects – like photo albums, calendars, agendas or cards – with your own photos.



 Alris Vision

Understand and extract the essence of images and audio from videos! Alris Vision automatically tags your photo and video content, based on the concept that accurate tags are key for delivering video ads using a video platform. Interactive outdoor advertising, Security Defense Systems, e-commerce and many more markets can benefit from the automatic, real-time content analysis and optimize your SEO videos for discovery and give people what they are truly looking for.




A web platform, that helps people donate by just doing their regular shopping and not spending any extra money on it. Using the power of affiliate marketing, BuyAndHelp offers its users the possibility of sending a percentage of their shopping expenses to a cause they support.)




Fingerdrum Legend

An app that teaches you how how to play real music in a matter of minutes by playing a very simple game. Perfect your finger drumming skills and learn how to make your own music by getting familiar with the art of sampling.