Spherik Accelerator Applications are now closed

Spherik Accelerator offers an intensive 4 months program designed to fine-tune tech products and provide teams with know-how and resources to go to market and expand their business globally.

We enable startups and help them grow by focusing on execution, product development and match-making your team with key people & resources.

The Spherik approach maximizes the probability of a startup’s success by providing the resources needed for the product, the market and the capital to harmoniously blend. We boost the companies’ access to know how by providing product knowledge, growth hacks, mentorship and ambassadorship.

Our approach includes acceleration support in order to refine the business during the acceleration phase, providing tools for 3 key areas:


We support startups in developing customer validation and then to commercial readiness. We work with startups through the customer development process, providing much-needed guidance and access to invaluable sources of feedback – actual customers


Launching a company and a product is a process that spans over a period of time with the objective of building awareness and momentum to drive sales while identifying the key market for each specific project. The Spherik approach helps startups build targeted go-to-market strategies that establish sustainable market traction which can be replicated in additional markets 


We know that capital is much needed for a company to create, grow and perform. We also believe that there is a “right time” for each stage of raising financing and want to use our member’s expertise to give each accelerated program the necessary information in order to attain the needed capital requirements, when they are needed. 

Our mission

Spherik is the first accelerator in Romania with an ecosystem to support entrepreneurs in their journey. As an NGO we facilitate access to investment, take 0 % equity and only 3.14% of the investment done in 1st year after program. We protect startups from giving up equity too fast and help them go as far as possible. Our mission since 2013 is to connect startups with strategic resources and support the ecosystem growth:

+ hours of mentoring
+ workshops
% products and services launched on the market
years of programs

Each year we attract 100+ applications and select 10% to 20% for the  acceleration program. During each program we guide 10 to 20 teams in overcoming the biggest challenges in the fastest and most efficient

Program Overview

We have designed an agile program to set up your startup on the right track. First we identify what you need and choose the right direction for your development stage.


Validate your idea

Discover how to think like an entrepreneur, what customers need, how to build a market fit product


Launch your product

Explore product development methodologies and business models to get the first users and customer feedback


Grow and scale

Execute on your business plan to grow your customer base and revenues. Manage your finance and get funding

What you get

  • Product: intensive program designed to fine-tune your approach and make your product market-fit
  • Customized mentoring & advice – top mentors & industry leaders’ advice
  • Office space: hosted in Liberty Technology Park, startups grow side by side SMEs and large multinational firms, exchanging culture, ideas, and fostering innovation.
  • Support services: banking, legal advice, accountancy, web development services
  • Market: connections to customers and potential clients
  • Marketing & PR: media relations, access to our marketing channels, best marketing and growth-hacking experts
  • Access to our network: connections to international partners, corporate partners and innovative startups
  • Events & networking opportunities: startups conferences, meetups and one to one meetings with investors
  • University partners: support in research & development
  • Capital: we provide investment opportunities up to 1 Million € for our startups

What we look for

We welcome all technical start-ups that meet 3 conditions:

  • Teams have complementary business and tech skills or individuals have strong tech skills and a promising idea.
  • Founders have the availability and are ready to take a commitment to fully engage in the acceleration process for the next 4 months.
  • The product is an early-stage prototype or MVP with a clear R&D component in the technology area.

We will particularly look at global focus areas like:

  • Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Robotics
  • Cyber Security
  • 3D Printing
  • Transportation / Mobility

Founding Members