The Spherik Accelerator application call is extended

We prolonged the application for Spherik Accelerator for one more week! You can still apply to our program until the 26th of October.

If your team gets selected, Spherik Accelerator will help you refine your startup and business plan while building your product under the guidance of experienced business and technical experts. By the end of the program, your startup will be prepared to receive funding and approach investors.

The program is centered on weekly topics that are crucial to building a viable startup. We approach this very systematically, beginning with ensuring your startup is solving a real problem and solving it better than alternatives, then moving into defining the customer, market research, systematic product management, business model, strategy, and so forth. We also have trainings on pitching and public speaking, which are critical skills to learn. There will be weekly interactive workshops and mentoring days, which will allow teams to work with experts to apply high level concepts they’ve learned to their start-up. Spherik alos offers the teams the opportunity to participate in EMPRETIC, a highly regarded program developed with the UN and Harvard University to cultivate entrepreneurship characteristics including risk taking, persistence, commitment, planning, and more.

All applicants will be evaluated by a panel of judges with extensive experience in entrepreneurship, investment, technology, and business. This panel will take into consideration the team, including their backgrounds, skills, and roles, and their business idea, including its potential market, innovation, monetization path, and so forth.  We encourage all startup founders to check out the online form and see the accelerator program requirements.

The best of luck to all!

If you have any other questions regarding our program, feel free to contact us. Our staff is more than happy and excited to discuss your boarding into Spherik Accelerator.

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