"We're looking to partner with B2B startups active in domains where we have expertise and clients. We see a lot of potential of improvement with the technology wave and we want to take advantage of it, together with startups we can align with." - René Schöb, Partner at KPMG in Romania.

Areas of interest

Process Automation

Financial services


Retail and consumer markets

Professional services



Real Estate

Although the application deadline for this program passed, we're opened to get in touch with startups by email as we can facilitate access to other programs and opportunities depending on your startup's needs. Contact us!

How can we help

Domain/industry expertise

As a company, KPMG has expertize and clients in many areas and can help you understand the industry you are targeting much better and help in making strategic decisions.

Worldwide market access

KPMG has regional and worldwide network with locations in virtually all countries. Local and international expertise in all relevant industries and leading topics and challenges.

Access to investors and funding

Through the joint network we can connect you with many angel investors or venture funds depending on your needs. As well, we are to open invest in your startup ourselves

Product support

Along the years, we've worked with over 50 startups on various matters and we ready to share the skills and expertise with you and your team

Startups we work with in this program

  • Nifty Learning

    Nifty automates training administration activities for companies and provides corporate training departments with efficient budget control & forecasting tools. Training teams inside large companies still use email, Excel, calendars and even post-its to organize training. Nifty is the alternative: we […]
  • iFactor

    iFactor brings together Small-Medium sized companies, interested in selling their individual outstanding invoices for immediate cash, and Investors and Banks, looking for diversifying their asset portfolio with a low risk investment.
  • Jobful

    Jobful is the first gamified recruiting platform in Romania. The platform is mainly addressed to students and young professionals looking for jobs. Companies use this platform for a targeted, ability-based sourcing.
  • Box2m

    BOX2M is a Romanian start-up focused on industrial IOT, aiming design and production of devices and deployment of specialized software. Business wise, BOX2M has a B2B model with energy, utilities, telecom and critical infrastructure sectors and works with infrastructure operators, […]

Keep in mind that

The sooner you apply, the faster we can get in touch and see if we have a match for partnership and acceleration, so you don't need to wait until the deadline.
The program is not requiring your relocation, but short travels every few weeks will be necessary for the bootcamps and maybe other business meetings.
During bootcamps we will meet live all of us for a few days: startups, program team, KPMG mentors. Accommodation and logistics will be provided by us.
In between the bootcamps we will work together, remotely, to support you in your activities and goals set. Off course, in case you want, you could use our offices as well.

How does it work?

Frequently Asked Questions

1How much time will it take to participate?
There will be 3 mandatory bootcamps of 3 days each, during the program. Besides that, the work will be done on-line if you prefer. As we will set some common goals, based on your startup need, the work in the program will be centered on your startup aims and growth. We don't want to burden the startups with unnecessary activities, but instead to focus on work that helps.
2What are the milestones? How do we set the objectives?
During the selection process and soon after we will have several calls/meetings to discuss the possible objectives and agree on them. The milestones/objectives can be related to product, growth, investment or anything else you consider relevant.
3Do you offer investment upfront?
We want first to see how we work together, how your team functions and how fast can you move, of course with our support. On the way, we will facilitate connections with investors and venture funds. KPMG is also opened to invest and is willing to be among the first ones to propose investment offers for the startups in the program.
4Do you take equity?
Depending on the stage your startup is, we will have an opened talk regarding 1% equity stake in the startup as a sign of commitment from your side. We will put effort into the program and work for your startup and we see this as a minimum guarantee from your side as well.

Although the application deadline for this program passed, we're opened to get in touch with startups by email as we can facilitate access to other programs and opportunities depending on your startup's needs. Contact us!

Let us know if you have any questions