KPMG Startup Grow Pad Alumni

  • Box2m

    BOX2M is a Romanian start-up focused on industrial IOT, aiming design and production of devices and deployment of specialized software. Business wise, BOX2M has a B2B model with energy, utilities, telecom and critical infrastructure sectors and works with infrastructure operators, […]
  • Jobful

    Jobful is the first learning and recruiting platform through gamification in Romania. The platform is aimed for students and young professionals, who can go through learning materials and online courses, then they are evaluated in terms of competencies. In the […]
  • Nifty Learning

    Short description: Nifty Learning automates training administration activities for companies and provides corporate training departments with efficient budget control & forecasting tools. Details about Nifty Learning Nifty Learning is a software platform that automates the planning and organising of face […]
  • iFactor

    iFactor brings together small-medium sized companies (interested in selling their individual outstanding invoices for immediate cash) and investors and banks, looking for diversifying their asset portfolio with a low risk investment. We provide an online platform, marketplace, which facilitates this […]
  • See You There

    See You There app (SYT) helps build strong relationships between colleagues that share the same interests, passions and values SYT is a mobile app with the mission to build strong interactions between colleagues that share the same interests, passions and […]

Spherik Accelerator Alumni

  • AdTechMedia

    An advertising platform with micropayments capabilities for media content monetization.
  • Printivate

    Printivate is a SaaS solution, that offers a wide variety of 3D model optimizations. In 2016 we celebrated Printivate for being our first exit, by joining 3D Hubs, the leading online 3D printing service provider.
  • Visitor Analytics

    Our mission is to provide easy to understand web analytics and a friendly user experience for people that are not so tech-savy. We are doing this by building stats dashboards with just a couple of drag&drops and no code changes
  • Baro

    A platform for Facebook ad management, optimization and automation, to get extra reach at the lowest cost.
  • Planable

    Planable is the fastest way for marketing teams to collaborate. The tool brings automation into the process of planning, reviewing and approving social media campaigns helping you preview posts exactly how they will appear on social media.
  • bNesis

    SaaS that streamlines API integrations and teaches banking systems, even if it is legacy ones, “to talk” to billing, payment, financial and systems of other banks, simplifying and automating data transfer between them.
  • City 365

    City 365 provides you all the information you need to find the best offers in town, to have an awesome nightlife and to share your experiences with your friends. It is also a tool for bars and restaurants, helping them […]
  • CleverWash

    A management solution for car-washes.

    HalftonePro is a graphic design tool that makes creating patterns an easy process by generating a large variety of vector patterns that goes beyond the standard halftone technique. Saved formats can be imported into any graphic software.

    A start-up meant to increase the efficiency while starting up your own business. With the help of this program you can have all the papers needed for your company done in under 5 minutes.

    It’s hard to make yourself known in the highly competitive world of mobile games, but Tiny Shroomz has what it takes – an experienced founder, great story line, memorable characters and amazing artwork. Curious already?
  • eyeSight

    An innovative solution that uses virtual reality and makes the treatment of amblyopia (the lazy eye symptom) as easy and as fun as possible.

    ChallengeXP helps save money for the things that matter—and avoid spending it on things that don’t. It is a solution based on gamification and social networking combined with financial retrospective and planning tools, making money management fun and easy.
  • Jurio

    It is the biggest database of case-law and legislation in Romania, that also features decisions from the local authorities, such as tax authorities.

    Apunto addresses companies whose business models rely on a timed, daily, schedule. When there’s a loss, there’s a problem, so there are people that can solve it. Apunto team is looking for a safety measure, a way for businesses to […]
  • Knowl

    A solution for compliance training that is based on Artificial Intelligence automation and uses smart algorithms.

    Primul Medic (The First Doctor) is a mobile app that connects people to physicians and enables them to ask for recommendations and medical advice. The doctor, at the other end, has a short period to request more details, or send […]
  • MyCar Assistant

    A mobile app that monitors about to expire documents, taxes and items for personal cars and car fleets.

    Fotocolaj set out to capitalize on the pictures we’re taking and turn them into objects with a personal value. It is an online app that lets you customize printed objects – like photo albums, calendars or agendas – with your […]
  • Prism

    A platform that enhances inventory management by automating analysis and by forecasting the stock levels for production, retail and e-commerce companies.
  • Registrul Genealogic

    The Breeding Book is a comprehensive digital platform targeting modern sheep breeders. It offers full and complex support in the process of genetic evaluation and breed improvement.

    Understand and extract the essence of images and audio from videos! Alris Vision automatically tags your photo and video content, based on the concept that accurate tags are key for delivering video ads using a video platform.
  • BUYandHELP

    A platform, that helps people donate by just doing their regular shopping and not spending any extra money on it. Using affiliate marketing, BuyAndHelp offers the possibility of sending a percentage of the shopping expenses to a chosen cause.

    An app that teaches you how how to play real music in a matter of minutes by playing a very simple game. Perfect your finger drumming skills and learn how to make your own music by getting familiar with the […]