Paul Brie

Spherik President

I have spent the past 20 years in the digital industry as a coder, manager, investor, and partner for various European start-ups and corporate innovation initiatives. The main focus of my work is to design comprehensive innovation strategies, to implement them into the core activities of private and public actors.
I am currently the Founder and CEO of teleportHQ, an AI-powered code-generation platform, and Co-Founder of the JSHeroes community and JSHeroes international conference.
My role at Spherik is to lead think-and-do programs, to create innovation process transfer opportunities, to build strategic private and public partnerships, and to support the creation of public policies that leverage the potential of deep and social technologies.

Diana Rusu

Executive Director

I’m an organizational development and network specialist with an extensive experience in strategic projects across sectors: business, public, international development. From business development to public policy innovations, from social impact initiatives to profit driven ventures, I was at the forefront of designing and implementing strategies and processes aiming for long term & sustainable results. Creating long lasting partnerships between unlikely allies stands at the core of my work. Innovation happens at the juncture of industries and requires specific resources. My role at Spherik is to enable value creation partnerships for accelerated startups, access to funds and markets via strategic collaborations with national and international partners.

Cristina Juc

Community Manager

With a background in architecture & arts, I took a step towards the tech world a few years ago, staying on the creative side of things. I believe in collaboration & partnership, which is why I strongly encourage people & communities to work & evolve together.

What I like about working with the Spherik team is the extent to which everyone is involved in every step of the program, making it an outstanding experience for all the startups involved.

Marius Berescu

Project Manager

My expertize is in project management with focus on the development of businesses and projects. With a solid experience in funding (both European and governmental) and strategic planning, I was involved in the last decade in designing sustainable development and funding strategies for small-to-medium local communities. I am also specialized in training, management and coaching, and I am growing my passion for Start-up environment.
My role at Spherik is to ensure the qualitative implementation of the “My Gateway” project, financed in the frame of Horizon 2020 program, with the aim in building, supporting and developing the start-up Eco-System.

Flavia Tiloiu

Communication Assistant

With a masters degree in PR & Advertising on the way, I’ve been developing a background in event planning & advertising industry meanwhile. During the last 2+ years I have learned how to discipline myself as a professional, to engage with the right people, and the importance of giving the best of me in every task I work on.

My role in the Spherik Accelerator’s team is to find the right ways to deliver important news in the industry towards our community, in accordance with our brand mission, which is to connect startups with strategic resources and support the growth of the local & regional startup ecosystems.

Paul Stefanut

French Liaison Associate

During the last 10 years, I have used the scientific and technological expertise, as well as the methodologies discovered during the preparation of my PhD, to support companies in leveraging innovation to accelerate their business.

Beyond the know-how developed in the field of emerging technologies, and in particular in the field of Key Enabling Technologies and DeepTech, I have acquired strong skills in building support programmes for Tech SMEs and start-ups by leveraging public funding sources available at the national and the European level.

These programmes allowed developing a complete set of tools to support SMEs and start-ups according to their maturity level and needs: organization of events to promote their technologies, networking and B2B Meetings, investors and corporate pitch days, innovation audits and strategy workshops, open innovation workshops for project emergence, partners search and preparation of the collaborations.

While working with a few hundred SMEs and start-ups, I have seen that having the best technology is not necessarily a guarantee of success, but on the other end of the spectrum, having a highly motivated team, open minded and eager to explore and learn and fully investing its energy to contribute to the achievement of a common goal, is always one of the key success factors of companies who succeed.

This is the main reason for joining forces with Spherik: I have discovered an ambitious and skilled team, having chosen the mission to contribute to the growth of high-potential Eastern European start-ups. My role here is to support the building of a pan-European network of acceleration partners and to collaborate with stakeholders from the French start-up ecosystem.


Mircea Vadan

Acceleration Partner (Product Management) & Programs Design

Along the years I’ve worked in startups as business developer, marketing or product manager. In the last four years, as Managing Partner at Activize, my focus was on working with companies and startups on product management, on creating acceleration programs for startups and on delivering workshops on topics like customer validation, product definition, product metrics, user acquisition, user engagement and investment. Moreover, my drive to help startups made me active in several tech startups communities (Cluj Startups, FreshBlood, Fintech Camp, Cluj.AI). At Spherik I help startups with product management & product marketing and get involved in the customization of acceleration programs.

Dan Sturza

Acceleration Partner

My background is finance and private equity / VC investments. As part of the Fribourg Capital team, I have facilitated pre-seed, seed stage, round A’s and follow-on investments in tech companies such as, SEO Monitor, Planable and others. At Spherik I introduce founders to the world of investments with all its intricacies (e.g. scouting for suitable investors, pitching, company structuring, negotiations, transactional documents, etc.). My implication also includes fund raising support to the teams. I also represent the investor’s side, specifically Fribourg Capital, that has allocated funds for investments in teams from Spherik Accelerator.

Valentin Maior

Acceleration Partner (Product & Business & Sales)

I am really passionate about helping people grow themselves and their businesses by leveraging my tech & business expertise as well as a an extensive network of friends via Romanian IT, the largest global community of romanians in Tech . A software developer over the last 10 years, manager and business developer with great communication and sales skills, I am confident I can help entrepreneurs in reaching the next levels.

At Spherik I help startups with product & business development, access to new markets in EU and US, as well as team and personal development for entrepreneurs to ensure a solid base for their growth as a business.

Gabriel Dombri

Acceleration Partner (Growth Hacking) & Corporate Innovation Lead

I am a marketer with focus on growth and passionate about products that solve real needs. With more than 9 years of hands-on experience in Digital Marketing Strategy and Business Performance Optimisation, I advised, consulted and helped grow companies in the UK, Italy, Germany, US & Romania. Since 2016, I am the CEO @Tapptitude and run GROWTH MARKETING Academy as a private school for training growth and product marketers. At Spherik I am helping smart entrepreneurs create value and use marketing to grow their businesses.

Roxana Rugina

Acceleration Partner (Edtech) & Programs design

I’m a technologist and communication expert engaged in social and disruptive innovation. For several years I worked in startups, in advertising agencies, with corporations and governmental institutions. I am very good with people and project management. I use digital tools and design thinking to solve problems.

After my experience with Simplon Romania where we turn your talent into a career in tech, I realised how many people want to start their career into entrepreneurship. Spherik gives startups the opportunities to grow and the resources to succeed and I am here to make sure you get the maximum benefit from it.

Alex Burciu

Acceleration Partner (Tech)

I’m a Software Development Manager specialized in leading teams to build highly technical products that offer delightful services to customers. For the last 8 years, I’ve been working at Amazon where I founded and managed Client-Side Metrics and Robot Detection which both had significant company-wide results allowing me to grow the organization to 17 software development engineers, managers and scientists with expertise in browser internals, large-scale fault-tolerant distributed systems, Big Data and Machine Learning. Together with team members, we invented “Managing page-level usage data” and have 6 other patent-pending applications at USPTO. As an bar raiser, I helped hiring almost one third of the technical staff within Amazon Development Center Romania. At Spherik I empower technical talent with a customer-centric product development approach to facilitate innovation in building lovable visionary products that scale globally.